Midcoast Environment Group

Why do we need MEG?

Since the amalgamation of 'local' councils and the results of state and federal elections, the natural environment is losing out in a big way.  Our Council seems to be the last chance to get any level of government interested in preserving and enhancing biodiversity and addressing climate change.

In 2017 three local councils - Taree, Gloucester and Great Lakes - began to operate as one amalgamated mega entity Midcoast Council.  10,000 sq km and 90,000 people.  The state government seemed to be removing hurdles for developers across NSW - dealing with one council instead of three.

MEG was started in April 2018 by Midcoast Council (MCC) residents hoping to form a network of groups and individuals working together to protect and enhance our beautiful and unique natural environment.

We are very worried about unsustainable and inappropriate development and other activities which destroy habitat and therefore threaten local wild creatures and reduce the quality of the air, water and soil.

 Our natural environment is essential to all life - including our own!

There is a grave risk that any environmental safeguards and programs may be watered down (as it were..).  In September 2018, Midcoast Council passed a resolution to 'harmonise' the tree and vegetation protections (which only existed in Great Lakes) by voting to remove even those meagre protections.

This change has not come into effect yet (as far as we know!) because there has to be public consultation.  What 'consultation' means is often hard to pin down.  Meanwhile Council has floated the idea of a Greening strategy.  Is this a 'greenwash' - we hope it's not.  We hope it's meaningful but by June 2019 not much has happened sinnce the February 2019 meeting announcing this strategy.

MEG representatives have spoken at a few Council meetings and have also given all Councillors a draft Tree and Vegetation Policy tabled at MCC February 2019 meeting.

Anyway this web page is being created to help us network and share information and resources..especially for people who don't have Facebook, Instagram or other 'social' media.  A webpage might make it easier to corral links and information by topic.

Please excuse very rudimentary effort - all comments and suggestions welcome.


Elizabeth Beach

26 July 2019

Latest from Midcoast Council

MCC is involved in many things such as the National Tree Day on Sunday 28 July at Taree and the planting of littorals at The Ruins in Booti Booti National park today 26 July ...but I'm too dumb to find the links on their site.  Maybe you can??

Other important matters affecting us 

Apparently he is isn't one of the Gladii the NSW government ...he's berating that/his government for rising power bills - accusing them of too much support for renewables....

Fair enough - power costs are way too high...but 1. he is part of the govt and 2. it's not cos they support renewables (if they do???) it's cos they don't do enough to make renewables a goer...